25 August 2008

2007 London Theatre Group

Here we are, in 2007, in front of the Palace Theatre in London's West End.

09 August 2008

Getting ready for London

Things are getting pretty busy now that Gilmore Creek Summer Theatre is finished. I have been spending the week booking some very exciting plays in London. More on those later. More exciting news. D.W. Gregory, the playwright of Radium Girls that we are performing October 14 -18 at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre will be meeting with the cast and crew the day they arrive in London, Sept 6th. She contacted me to let me know that she has made some changes to the script and has added a new character. We will be doing the new version. I am new to blogging so I wrote this to test it out. More will come later from both the students and myself. Feel free to respond to any of the blogs.