27 November 2009

Last Day of Classes at Rose Bruford

Tuesday was our last day at Rose Bruford. The SMU students had their last Global Issues class with Steven Dykes, I had my last two classes with the Rose Bruford students, and Sam, Krista, and Lindsay had their last acting class with Tony James. The also performed three scenes that they have been working on for the whole semester. Krista and Sam did The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Krista and Lindsay did That's All by Harold Pinter and Sam and Lindsay did The Country by Martin Crimp. These scenes were attended by the first year ATA students and myself. My first year ATA students did scenes from God's Country by Stephen Dietz for the first half of class and then we worked on The Laramie Project; these two shows completed our course on Small Town America and The Community in Crisis.

The entrance to Rose Bruford

Matt, Krista, Sam, and Taryn waiting for Global Issues to begin.

Sam and Ben waiting for Godot...

Rose Bruford Student Lounge and Theatre. Yes there is a guy hanging from the building.

Sam and Tommy

George and Lindsay

Rohan and Steve

Billy, the Irishman who lives in Wales!

Mahala and Matt


Billy and Hannah

My second group!

SCENEWORK ON GOD'S COUNTRY, a play about white supremist groups in the United States.

Matt and George: The Skinhead Scene

Indoctrinating the boy scene. Mahala, Tommy, Iggy

Gloria and Elle

Hannah and Iggy: Two Pastors

Pastor Scene

Elle: Time Capsule monologue

End of the scene!

Indoctrination scene done by Bryony, Charlie, and Hannah. Very different interpretaion from Group one's scene.

Bryony filling in for a sick student with Esti

Laura playing the student interviewer.

Billy playing Allen Berg the Denver who was assassinated by white supremists'
Steve and Rohan are two callers into the radio station.

Lindsay, Sam, Tony, and Krista after their acting showcase. They did a great job!

Gloria liked the performance and the girls accents!

SMU and Rose Bruford students saying farewell until we meet some of them again at SMU next year.

Tennis and Rugby!!!!!

This was the week for some serious sports. I went to the England vs New Zealand Rugby Match at Twickenham Stadium and Andy and Steve went to the O2 Center for some professional tennis matches. They had 5th row seats!!!! The next day Steve was given a ticket by Claudia, a Swiss friend, and it was front row. I went to the Rugby Match as a guest of Vittorio, the landlord of the student flats. He is an avid rugby player originally from Italy. We were accompanied by his friend Stefano and his wife who were visiting from Italy. Great time was had by all. Enjoy to photos and video at the end of the blog. Andy will be going to a soccer game in Darby tomorrow while we are off to Ireland.


Claudia and Andy

5th row seats

Leander Paes and Lukas Dlouhy vs Lukas Kubot and Oliver Marach

Nikolay Davydenko

Novak Djokonvic

An injured Andy Roddick was there sitting across from the boys.


Before the match we stopped at the last watering hole before Twickenham Stadium

Vittorio, Stefano, and me

Even Jesus is a fan!

Twickenham Stadium the Mecca of English Rugby

The Scrum Bar inside the stadium

The field. I was in the top level.

New Zealand's All Blacks


The lone cheerleader!!!

The Final Score. New Zealand won!!!!