13 December 2013


Here is Part Two of our trip to Ireland.  These are more pics of Dublin and Galway!  Above is a picture of Oscar Wilde's house which is now an American College.  It has been all chopped up to accommodate the College's needs.  Too bad!

In St. Stephen's Green park there is a bust of Michael Collins and statue of Oscar Wilde.

Enjoy the following pictures of Dublin.

Temple Bar.

O'Connell St.

Trinity College

Jameson Distillary Tour.

O'Connell St.

Looks like Jimmy is part of the Guinness ad.

 Temple Bar

Bono's Hotel in Temple Bar

On Friday after Acting class we boarded a bus and went to Galway for the weekend for a change of scenery.  A couple of the students went to the Cliffs of Moher on Saturday.  The rest of us stayed an explored Galway.

O'Maille's sweater shop where I buy all my sweaters.  Tried to get Jimmy to buy this unique one of a kind hand=knit sweater that looked great on him but he didn't!  Maybe next time.  I am having a red sweater made by one of the ladies on the Aran Islands.  It will be ready by March.  Most of these ladies who knit by hand are in their late 80s and there are not many younger women learning the art so these hand made sweater will be rare.  If you are ever in Galway see Anne in O'Maille's. 

Our first night there Jimmy, Billy and I had fish and chips at McDonough's next to our hostel.  I had cod and they had sting ray!  Mine was better!

Their's was boney.

After we ate we walked to the Christmas Market and fair.

One of my favorite places at the fair was the exotic meat burger and sausage place.  Billy and Jimmy had zebra sausage and we all had kangaroo burgers!

It has been a great semester and I am glad a lot of you chose to experience the journey with us.  Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!  Enjoy!  Until next year....