19 November 2015



On October 22 we boarded a train to Edinburgh, Scotland. We arrived in Edinburgh at 6:30 pm, checked into the hostel, met for dinner and went on a walking tour of the city and went into the haunted tunnels underneath the city!!!  

A bagpiper playing on The Royal Mile!

Walking from Waverley Train station we walked over South Bridge and saw the Castle

The Balmoral Hotel.  A number of years ago I got to stay there with my cousin Greg Parkos and his wife Nadine.  We had a great time and were treated like royalty, which I am by the way...Laird Dr. Gary....

After students checked into their hostel we all went to a restaurant to eat dinner. Below is a nice plate of haggis, tatties, and neeps!  Yummy!

Fish and Chips

A Scottish hamburger!

Lisa Ann's Scottish Lasagna!  If there is such a thing!

Andrew and Kenny playing outside the restaurant waiting to go on the 10 pm Haunted City and Tunnel Tour!

The Auld Reekie Tour!  Best one in Edinburgh!

We learned quite a bit about the history of Edinburgh. Here we are walking through one of the narrow closes seen throughout the city.

We went into the haunted tunnels.  Any ghosts or spirits.  I think so!

A wicca group used to meet here.  They left and left everything behind.  The place got too scary for them.

The room that has the most evil spirit in it.  It is said that if you walk through the circle something not so good can happen to you and has with many people.  So we were advised NOT to walk into the circle.

Shania and Sami didn't listen and stood in the circle.  They haven't been the same since!

Saint Giles Church on The Royal Mile.

Owls on The Royal Mile.

One can find many shops and restaurants on The Royal Mile. Kenny bought a kilt, of course!

 Off the Royal Mile one can find The Elephant House where Harry Potter was written.  It began on a napkin!

The Castle at the top of The Royal Mile.


All of the students went on a three day MacBackpackers Tour to Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye, and other places.

Richard, the tour guide!

Enjoy some of the sites!

I think Andrew thinks he is in the Austrian Alps and is channeling Julie Andrews!

This is where Monte Python and the Holy Grail was filmed.  Students have a video of them "riding horses" with the noise of horse's hooves clumping (coconuts of course!).  Also this is where Game of Thrones' Winterfall is filmed!



Loch Ness.

A few students braved the cold and went swimming in Loch Ness


Hopefully, if you go to the link below you can see them swimming.  WARNING: Adult language may be heard once they hit the ice cold water!!!!!



We took a 12 noon train back to King's Cross Station in London.  A good time for the students to do homework!

Yesterday I went to see Derren Brown's show which was incredible.  It was Press Night and I managed to get an aisle seat center in the second row!  How he does what he does is mind boggling!!!The student went to see a play for Global Issues entitled Echoes at the Arcola Theatre

Also yesterday the Acting III class presented London Road the British play that they have been working on all semester.  It was wonderful. Great ensemble work, characters, and singing!  Thank you Tony and Sarah.  

Tony and Sarah with the students.

After the show we went for lunch at the Crown and Anchor Pub around the corner from Diorama Studios where the class was held.

We finish up this week and on Saturday we head to Dublin to study for two weeks at the Gaiety School of Acting.  It will be great to see Patrick Sutton, Martin McGuire, Karen Lee and all our other friends there. Next blog will be from Ireland!