04 November 2017


On Thursday, October 26th we departed London for our long weekend in Scotland.  We took the train from King's Cross Rail Station to Waverley Station in Edinburgh.  Once I settled into my hotel and the student's into their hostel, Castle Rock, we met for dinner at the Albanach restaurant for dinner at 8 pm.  

Liam and Anna waiting outside the restaurant!

The Haggis Eaters:   Some ordered the appetizer of haggis and others, Peyton, Margo, and myself got it as our main meal!  Yummy!

Mike got the soup!

After dinner we went on The Terror Tour with the Auld Reekie company.  It was a night tour of Edinburgh where we learned a lot of the history.  

We then went into the haunted vaults (tunnels).  We first went into the torture museum that had many torture devices that the owner collected.

Torture devices:

Thumb screws:

Looks like Mike is enjoying it!

A Wicca covent uses this room.

Other haunted vaults:  The last room is the most haunted especially in a circle made of stones.  Peyton went in as did Margo and a few others.  After that Margo lost her class ring and then her phone!  They say bad things will happen to you if you go into the circle!  Emm!


The Balmoral Hotel that I got to stay in one year with my cousin Greg Parkos and his wife Nadine!  We had a blast!

On the night tour we learned that this heart that is outside St. Giles Cathedral brings good luck to you if you spit on it.  It is fun to see people walk by and spit on it!


More of the City:

St. Giles Cathedral;

Cool door handle on one of the chapels:

Giraffe sculpture outside The Vue Cinema!


I found some Fuddy Meers (Funny Mirrors)

One of the homeless with his cool dog!

Edinburgh is Harry Potter land!

The Elephant House is where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter

The view of the Castle out the window behind me.

Stefan arrived on Saturday after spending time in London with his dad.  So on Sunday I brought him to The Elephant House where he enjoyed a cafe Mocha!

Wipe your mouth Stefan!!!

Both the men's and ladies' rooms are loaded with graffiti !   Here are some of the walls in the men's room.

My favorite is below!!!

After Bobby the dog's master died in 1858, I believe, he went to his master's grave everyday and laid there until 1872, I believe, when he died.  It is considered good luck to rub his nose!

One of the famous pubs in Edinburgh.

I couldn't resist taking this photo of this cute kid.  She had the right idea!

Early Monday morning before we left for London, some of the students climbed Arthur's Seat at dawn!


At 8 am Friday the students departed for a three day Mac Backpacker's Tour to the Isle of Skye and Loch Ness.  The following photos were taken by Parker, Margo, and Anna!  

The Fairy Pools:  It is believed that if you dunk your face in the water, you will remain young looking.

A lot of the time was spent hiking through the Highlands

Loch Ness.  I do not think anyone encountered the monster!!!!

Parker and Dave the Mac Backpacker's tour guide!

After a day of hiking Dave said it is customary to do a shot of whiskey which he offered to everyone on the tour!

Some of the pub food they ate on the tour.

Peyton in the hostel.

Anna and a Highland cow!

The train ride back to London.  A good time was had by all!

A lasting image of the Highlands taken by Parker!