03 October 2015



Our last Friday day trip was to Bath where students toured the ancient Roman baths. They then had the opportunity to walk around and explore the city of Bath.

Inside the baths students were given a head set and were able to take their time going through the baths.  An alternate audio tour was commentated by Bill Bryson the comedic writer of travel books.

The water is not drinkable; however, at the end of the tour you can drink some water.  Jack seemed to think it tasted like Saint Mary's water!  There is a video of their commentary. Ask Joe Lozano to post it if you are interested in seeing it!!!

Here is the park in Bath that is near the river that goes through town.

A nod to the Rugby World Cup!

Just some interesting plants outside a restaurant. Love the unusual colors!

There are only two bridges in existence that have stores and buildings on it.  This one in Bath and the one in Florence, Italy over the Arno River.

Stores on the bridge.

Oh, to live on this street!!!!

Some of the students toured the Jane Austen House.


A few of us went prop hunting and costume shopping in Camden Town. Camden always has unusual sights. It did not disappoint!  Here is where the hippy movement started and punk! It is where the music scene is happening.  Amy Winehouse was from here and played in many of the venues.  Our own Koo Koo Kangaroo played at the Monarch Pub in Camden last year !  And, of course, there is lots of shopping!


We took our annual tour of the Drury Lane Theatre, the oldest theatre in London.  This tour is different from say the National Theatre tour in that it is a theatrical tour where two actors play various characters from different time periods.  The male actor, who Curtis Kempton years ago named Drury Lane, is still there and funny as ever.  He actually recognized me and said "you have been here a lot".  I said, "I know.  I could give the tour".  Currently, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is playing here.  Colleen and Jack went to go see it.  Miss Saigon was the longest running play in this theatre.

This bomb dropped into the theatre in 1940 but didn't explode.

Our tour guide "Mr. Drury Lane"

King George III and his son, the Prince, got into a fist fight in this rotunda so this theatre has two Royal boxes, the King's and the Prince's.  Each also had their own entrance from outside.  

Our other tour guide.

 The Queen's box.  KayLynne and Ally sitting in the Queen's chairs.

Mr. Sheridan!

Nell Gwyn and David Garrick telling ghost stories!!!!!            


Andrew, Jack, Joe, and I got up early on Saturday to have an English Breakfast which the boys had never had.  It is an egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans (yes, I know) grilled tomato, mushrooms and toast.  No one else was up for it or just up!

Mr. Andrew's usual cappuccino !


A lot of us have seen individual shows.  Bailey and Jake went to Les Miz as did Shania earlier.

Last night Andrew, Cindy, Shania, and I went to go see Showstoppers: the Improvised Musical at the Apollo Theatre.  Every night this group creates a new full-fledged musical based on audience suggestions. Last nights was called Insomnia, and it took place in a mattress factory!  Hilarious!  Want to go back and see another.  Improv at its best. Great singing, harmonies, and choreography.

Kenny, Andrew, and Cindy were the first one's to go see Oresteia at the Trafalgar Studios. This is a transfer from the Almeida Theatre.  Many of us went to go see it, and we all agree that it was probably one of the best shows we have ever seen!  It was for me!  Incredible acting and directing.  I had the privilege of sitting next to the lead actress's parents.  We had an interesting discussion on the changes made since the Almeida production.

The set.

Some handsome bald guy in the audience!

Reflection of traffic on the glass case with the poster outside the theatre.

The Theatre in London class went to go see the musical, The Book of Mormon for our West End musical.  It was awesome and very, very funny! We all had a great time.

Students met a lot of the cast after the show.  Here they are with the actor who played Elder Price.

The actor who plays Elder Cunningham (the understudy) who was fantastic and British holding one of the flyers for our show.

An artistic photo of Andrew at the British Museum

(Bus ride back from Bath)

Well I am all caught up on the blog!!! Yay!!!!  So far it has been a wonderful semester.  We move into Wimbledon Studio on Monday and will begin tech week for Some Americans Abroad by Richard Nelson.  Show is looking good, but it will be nice to move into the theatre.
Tomorrow is our last day rehearsing at The Cockpit Theatre