01 December 2018


 Emma captured a rainbow today!

Most of Week Two in Dublin was working on the Acting Scenes for the Final Showcase at the Gaiety School of Acting which were performed today.  Excellent job!  The students also did some cultural trips which included the Yeats Exhibition at the Library and the EPIC exhibit.  

On Thursday evening we went to see Donal Courtney's one man show, God Has No Country.  Donal was one of the two acting teachers that taught the students these past two weeks.  Here we are waiting to enter the Black Box Theatre for the performance.

As I mentioned above this was the final push for the student showcase.  Here are Celeste and Daniel learning lines.  A sight that I saw a lot of these past two weeks.

The following photos were taken by Tom, the Gaiety's photographer.  They are from Martin's McGuire's acting class on O'Casey and Synge.

The group fooling around before their showcase.

I want to finish this blog with some more random photos of Dublin.  We had a terrific semester.  Tomorrow we all leave for travels to Europe or back home to the States.  A good time was had by all!

Daniel as I mentioned on Facebook is obsessed with the play, Rhinoceros.  He is doing research.

Adam thinks he is Irish!
 Starbucks is at it again!

Adam's photo of the rainbow.  Never found the pot of gold!

I included this picture from  Scotland just because it's funny!