28 November 2017

Ireland: Week One! Dublin, Thanksgiving, Galway

After a free weekend in Dublin classes began on Monday morning with a Meet and Greet where the students met Katie, Patrick Sutton, and John Lawless who along with Katie set up our two week itinerary.  Here is a group photo with Patrick.  After the Meet and Greet students had a workshop session with Patrick, a seminar on Samuel Beckett, and then went on a walking tour of Dublin.

On Tuesday evening we attended a Shakespeare Showcase by the 2nd year Gaiety students that was directed by Joe Dowling who founded the Gaiety School of Acting.  Some of you Minnesotans would know Joe as the former Artistic Director of the Guthrie Theatre.  Below is a photo of Joe and Patrick with the Gaiety students.

Joe took the time to speak to our students and take a photo with them.  Larry Gorrell brought Joe Dowling to Saint Mary's to give a talk many years ago.  Joe remembered it fondly.

The Irish Film and Television Academy had a Conversation with Colin O'Donoghue  from the TV Series Once Upon a Time in which he plays Hook.  He was kind enough to speak to the students, sign autographs, and take photos with us.  Some of the photos below came off of the Gaiety School website.  Colin is a graduate of the Gaiety School.  I took the rest of the photos.

This is the image on a TV screen while we were waiting for him to arrive then they used the screen to display some clips from his films and TV work.  Students learned a lot about his career path and the business.


Students had classes all day Thursday so Amber and Robert, someone I met in the hostel from Poland who was a chef, and I cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for everyone.  Martin McGuire, one of the acting teachers, joined us as did Robert!

As you can tell from my shirt, we ate a lot!!!! LoL

Started with cheese, crackers, meats, olives, pate...

Mulled wine!

Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or butter!

Turkey breasts and homemade sausage and apple stuffing!

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Sweet potatoes, carrots cooked in honey, green bean casserole

And, of course, sweet corn!

Amber made four homemade pumpkin pies. Thanks to Margo's mom for the recipe.  I just finished the last piece as I am writing this!

After dinner we all went to Smock Alley Theatre where a group of Americans living in Dublin put on a performance on America. It was for the ACLU.  Needless to say it was very political.  It reminded me of the coffee houses in the 60's and 70's that did poetry readings, original and protest songs, and made political statements.  Very entertaining, sometimes weird!  Fun Night!


After acting class with Martin on Friday, I took the group to Galway for the weekend.  A two and a half hour bus ride across Ireland.  We checked into Barnacles Hostel.  Some of us went to McDonaghs Fish Restaurant for fish and chips. I also ate there again on Saturday.  After dinner we went to the Christmas Market in the park and then to my favorite little pub to keep warm by the fireplace!

 The Christmas Market had some rides.  I heard the Ferris Wheel broke down the first weekend and a crane had to be used to get people off of it.  Needless to say we avoided it.

However, Parker and Stefan wanted to go down the slide!

Parker then made friends with Socks the horse which led us to taking a horse and carriage ride around Galway!  Very cool! Also that night Parker and Stefan bought Irish hand knit sweaters from O'Maille's.  Really good Black Friday deals they got!  Becca bought scarf.  I bought nothing!  Proud of myself!


On Saturday, I stayed in the City of Galway and all the students went to the Cliffs of Moher.  The following photos are from Parker, Stefan, Peyton, and Anna.


Goodbye Galway.  

We got back in Dublin early. We took an early bus back.  The group that didn't go to the Guinness Factory when we arrived last weekend were able to go after we returned on Sunday!

Enjoy the music!  A big part of the Galway scene.  Tons of musicians playing on the street in Galway and in all the pubs!  Part Two of Ireland next week!