21 October 2012

Camden Town, Plays, Rehearsals and Love in the Air!!!

Tony, Lydia, Julie, Taylor, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alex at the National Theatre.

Cheers!  Since the last blog we have had a few adventures!  I went to Camden Town, one of my favorite areas in London, to do some prop and costume shopping but found nothing!  Met up with my friend from India who does stone carvings which some of you received as Christmas gifts a few years ago.  He is still in Camden doing well!  We went to see The Last of the Haussmanns at the National Theatre starring Julie Walter's (Ron's mom in Harry Potter) and Rory Kinnear who played Hamlet at the National a couple of years ago.  Both were fantastic!  We saw Tom Stoppard again!  We saw him the week before at the Royal Court Theatre, and we also met Helena Bonham Carter (without Tim Burton) and got autographs and photos taken with her.  They were there to see Julie I imagine!  We also gave them flyers to our show, Almost, Maine.  Will they show up?  Who knows?  hahaha

We had our last rehearsal in the basement of RADA studios (formerly The Drill Hall) and moved into Tara Theatre on Monday.  Rehearsals have been going well even though we are having problems with projections....hopefully, they work out!  That is what tech rehearsals are for.

We are looking forward to parents and friends coming over for the show.  Suzanne Deranek from Admissions and Bob Fisher from Development Office are coming to see the show.  We are really excited to have Terri Harrison, Millie's mom, come over too.  A lot of our new and old Rose Bruford ATA students will also be coming to the production.  It will be great seeing all of them again. 

Here are some pictures.  Enjoy!


                                 Remind you of someone?
                         A bar in the middle of the marketplace!


We went to the National Theatre to see The Last of the Haussmanns in the Littleton Theatre.  There was as always great entertainment in the lobby.  This where we also saw Helena Bonham Carter!

                         A War Horse puppet hanging from the ceiling in the lobby.

Tom Stoppard, the playwright, in the National Theatre Bookstore.


I also started teaching the first year American Theatre Arts (ATA) students at Rose Bruford College in Sidcup.  They have become friends with our students and were part of the Global Issues class at the beginning of the semester.

                           My morning class

                          My afternoon class.

I also met up with Jo McCarthy, a former ATA student who was in our production of Vanities our first year at Tara Studio.  It was great catching up with her and we will be looking forward to seeing her at the performance of Almost, Maine next week.


Our last rehearsal on Thursday October 11th was in Room 7 in the basement of RADA studios.  RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) took over the space from The Drill Hall!  Past students will remember the space well!!!!

                          Elyssa and Julie stuffing red bags with newspapers before rehearsal begins.

                          Tasha rendering her costume designs.

The production team!


                          More people stuffing red bags....BIG red bags....

                                  A Maine Moose call!!!!


Love is in the air in Almost, Maine

Halloween is coming!
Guess who says  "That's all Folks!"