24 October 2018

Jason's Photos, Macbeth, and Cast and Crew Dinner!!!!!

Here are the photos Jason took of the play.  Very different quality from the one I posted in the previous two blogs.  Enjoy!



 I loved Jason's lighting for the end of the play.  He projected the names on the Vietnam War Memorial on the walls of the theatre.  Very moving.

Pre-show warm-ups ready to begin.

 We had to strike the set get out of the theatreaafter Saturday evenings performance which was sold out!!!!  Yay!   Thank you to all the parents that helped with strike; we were done in less than an hour.  We packed Moses' truck with everything that had to go back to prop rental and to my storage unit.  On Monday morning before class Dan, Rachel, Adam, Cole and I met Moses at the unit and re-organized it to fit the platforms in my storage unit along with tools, props, etc.  See photo below.

On Sunday evening Dr, Mark Barber took all the students, parents, and friends to The Arch Duke on the South Bank for dinner.  We had a wonderful three course meal to celebrate the huge success of our show!  Large audiences, standing ovations (which the Brits do not do), lots of tears!

Annabeth, her parents, Dan and Alec

 Rachel's mom and dad, Rachel, and Celeste
 Alec and his aunt, Cathy.

Adam, Celeste, and Rachel's mom.

Rachel and Mariah

Dean Charron and Amalia 

Dr. Barber, Olivia, Kyleigh

Annabeth and Dan.  Dan's dad and Adam's mom came for the show but left Sunday morning and could not attend the dinner.

Annabeth's parents who came from Oregon!

My friends Jonathan and Alise Kennedy who have helped with the program since we started in 1994!

Cole and his mom who came to all the shows.

Chris Kendall who was flying back to Minnesota the next day.

Kyleigh's mother and sister and Emma.

Emma, Kyleigh, and Olivia

 Cole's sissy drink!!!!

Two of our desserts.  Ice cream sundae and pecan pie!

On Monday after my classes where we discussed The Royal Shakespeare Company, the play, Macbeth, and the musical, Company we went to see Macbeth at the Barbican Arts Center. We sat in row B and C.  Great seats and a Great play!

I got there early and went to the exhibit at the Curve gallery in the Center.

Love the faces in these ceramic pots.

A ceramic lamp shade

Close-up of the shade above

Poster for the RSC London season at the Barbican.  A former Dr. Who played Macbeth.

A picture of cast and crew before we struck the set on Saturday!!!
On Thursday we take the train to Scotland for a long weekend.  Back on Monday.  Will post more pictures next week....