28 October 2010

Act One: God's Country by Steven Dietz October 19 -23 Tara Studio London

In a premiere Tara Arts performance, Saint Mary’s University theatre majors from Winona, Minnesota, staged the highly theatrical disturbing docu-drama God’s Country, a show that depicts the growing white-supremacist movement in America.  We will also be performing the play at The Smock Alley Studio Theatre in Dublin, Ireland on November 29th and 30th.

Written by Steven Dietz, the emotionally gripping plot revolves around various right-wing organizations that, collectively, comprise the so-called “Identity Movement.” Some of these people are harmless nut cases: but most are not. They are dedicated toward violent revolution and expulsion from America — “God’s Country” — of all “non-Aryan races.” The play covers all bases of the right-wing lunatic fringe, but essentially it focuses on three narrative spines: the trial in Seattle of a paramilitary group which calls itself “The Order”; the career and murder of Denver talk-radio personality Alan Berg (outspoken, controversial and Jewish) “assassinated” by The Order; and, finally, the hate-filled career and death of The Order’s founder, Robert Matthews. These narratives are not presented in a linear fashion, but are interwoven, sometimes non-chronologically, amongst a barrage of statistics and facts into a kaleidoscopic and highly theatrical vision. It’s presentation couldn’t be more timely — and, sad to say, timeless.

Qualified theatre majors at Saint Mary's are studying theatre in London, England, this semester through the Stefannié Valéncia Kierlin Theatre in London Program. Under the guidance of Saint Mary’s faculty, the program will include a variety of classes in theatre, as well as courses focusing on broader enrichment. Students will have the unique opportunity to attend numerous performances at London’s West End, Off-West End, and Fringe theatres.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

Director: Dr. Gary Diomandes

Stage Manager: Michael Dold

Lighting designer: Josh Lentner (London), Greg Freeman(Dublin)

Sound designer: Greg Freeman

Performers: Darrell Fair, Maggie Allexsaht, Annie Ivansek, Regina Harris, Joanna Mills, Jarod Boltjes, Tom Conry, Rick Baustian, Jacob Rivet, David Dean, Matthew Gorgone, Laurence Alliston-Greiner, and Shane Nippard

Again, Saint Mary's University and I do not condone alot of the ideology that is depicted in this play.


                                          Darrell as Mueller, Prosecuting Attorney and David as Parmenter.

                                          The oath of The Order.

                                           Tom raising Ken....

                                          Rick portraying Talk Show Host, Alan Berg

                                          Jarod as a caller to the radio show

                                          Jake as Farrell and Shane as Elliot...Maggie narrates

                                          Laurence and Annie as the farmer and his wife.

                                          Shane as Attorney Ward

                                          Tom as Robert Matthews and Matt as his son.

                                          Attorneys for the defense.

                                          Women obtaining names of dead babies from cemetary

                                           Regina...Mr. Oswald monologue

                                          Pastors from W.A.R, Aryan Nations and Klu Klux Klan

                                           Jarod and Tom portraying two Jewish elders.

                                           Maggie's Time Capsule monologue.

                                          Laurence as Lake, a film director who infiltrated The Order

Tom and Joanna as Matthews and Zillah explaining the meaning of the pendant to Matthew

                                          David as a caller

                                          More Callers below:

                                          Jake as Savage questioning David as Parmenter.

                                          End of Act One:

Act Two is on the next blog: