22 November 2010

Scotland: Land of the Haggis!!!!

                                          Hamish !

On November 4 -8 we all travelled by train to Edinburgh, Scotland.  On Thursday everyone settled into Brodies Hostel on The Royal Mile and we went to dinner.  Some tried haggis for the first time!  I love haggis and ordered it for myself.  At 10pm that night we went on the Haunted Scotland and Tunnel tour.  This is the group below just before the tour started.  I spent the four days in Edinburgh.  All the students went on a 3-day MacBackpackers Tour of the Highlands.  Everyone had a terrific time.  Enjoy the photos from that trip.  The photos are a combination of ones that I took and one that David Dean took on the backpackers tour.

                                          A list of where they went on the backpackers tour.

                                          Mel Gibson watch out!

                                          The Highlander!

                                          Axe Murderer methinks!
                                          Ryan trying to get a date, oops, I mean catch a sheep!
                                          Fog over the lake.

The Group in the Highlands                                       

                                          The photo takers below.

                                          The restaurant we ate in the first night in Edinburgh.

                                          My dessert!  Really, really good.
                                The bar called SIN that is in an old church.  I think this is sacreligious!

Photo taken at the end of the Haunted Tunnel tour.  Jake, Tom, Annie, and David have all become possessed!

More photos of Edinburgh

                                          St. Giles Church.

                                                    An Obama Fan!

                                          Name of the shop describes Obama's popularity right now!
                                           Edinburgh Castle

                                          More of the Highlands!

                                           The boys decide to go swimming in Loch Ness. Freezing cold!

No sign of Nessie                                                       

                                          Feeding Hamish!

It has been said that in the Fairy Glen if you keep your face underwater for seven seconds you will have eternal youth and look young.  They all bought it!

                                          Ryan has officially become a Scot!  Train ride home!

I love the sign in the store window...talk about laid back!

Until next year....................