18 November 2013

Forrest McClendon, Gavin Creel, and Weekend Trips: Our last week in London.

Monday, November 18th

We started our last week in London with a BANG!  We had the privilege of having a friend of mine, Forrest McClendon who is starring in  The Scottsboro Boys and Gavin Creel, who is one of the two leads in The Book of Mormon come to The Theatre in London class for a morning and afternoon session.  Both shared their background, working on Broadway and West End, and gave some great advice on life and life in the theatre!  Very inspiring.  Here are some pictures of the session with Forrest.

Forrest speaking with Arielle about the lighting designer of The Scottsboro Boys.  Before Forrest arrived we had two great presentations on the play, itself, that we went to go see last week.  It is sold out for its entire run at the Young Vic.

Rebecca getting a hug!

Here is Forrest backstage and in the production.

Gavin Creel came to class this afternoon and was awesome!  Below is a photo of Gavin as Elder Price in The Book of Mormon.  He also gave a very honest story of his background and how he got to be where he is today!  

Kylie teaching Gavin how to tie a "Mormon knot" with a tie.  Gavin was going to try it before the performance tonight!  He finally got the hang of it!  It is supposedly a quick way to tie a tie!

Here are some photos of Gavin in the Production.

This past weekend some of the students went travelling.  Kylie and Jimmy went to Prague.

Keara and Hannah Schwartze went to  Rome!

Kathleen, Arielle, and Haylie went to Paris and stopped off at Disneyland Paris!

Colleen, Sadie, and Rachel went to Wales!  Here is Rachel playing Little Bo Peep!

They supposedly jump off of a cliff into the water!  I have not seen any photos.

Chris and Phil went to Barcelona....NO PICTURES!!!!  We are finished with the London portion of the program on Friday.  The acting final showcase is tomorrow at RADA studios.  Students are working on papers, presentations, and exams!  Saturday morning some of us are going to Dublin, Ireland where 10 students will spend two weeks studying at the Gaiety School of Acting, Ireland's premiere acting school.  It will be great to see Patrick Sutton again.  He will be teaching of the two acting classes.  Next blog will be of Ireland!!!!  We get to spend Thanksgiving there.  To all the other students travelling safe travels!  

                       THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!