23 September 2018


This past Friday was our last day trip.  We went to Bath where the students were able to do a self-guided tour of the Roman Baths via headsets.  The baths are located in Cathedral Square.

I love the texture of the stone around the building.

Most of the photos below inside the baths were taken by students.

Another interesting feature of Bath is the Pulteney Bridge.  It is one of two bridges in the world that has stores on top of it.  Florence, Italy has the other one.

One side of the street on the bridge.

The other side of the bridge.

A new store on the bridge.

One of the store windows.  Clever!

Some of the views of the city.

A Bath pigeon before his bath.

After his Bath.

This is the Greek restaurant I have had lunch at the past three trips to Bath.

Had Greek sausage, loukaniko, a Greek Salad, Mousaka, and my favorite dessert, galatoboutiko below!  Always room for that and a coffee!

An indoor market.

Alec shopping!

On Wednesday evening we attended a play, Eastern Star, at Tara Arts.  Interesting night.  One of the main actors was having trouble with his lines and stopped the show and asked for a few minutes.  The cast went off stage and came back.  The actor had script in hand which he needed to refer to a few more times.  This was the first time this happened.  He had great performances up until this night!  Strange.   After the show, the real person his character was based on, Christopher Gunness and a BBC reporter had a discussion about journalism and the current state of affairs with "fake news" and responsibilities of a journalist.

The set.

Wednesday afternoon the Art in London class went to the National Portrait Gallery and went to the Michael Jackson exhibit and the BP Portrait contest exhibit.

On Thursday morning the Global Issues class went to Greenwich.  Here is some of what they saw.

One of the buildings they visited has an incredible ceiling which is now being restored.  They were able to go up the scaffolding and examine the ceiling up close.  An opportunity no other class will ever have.

On Saturday afternoon, Dan, Cole, Rachel, and I decided to treat ourselves to a great lunch at the oldest restaurant in London, Rules.

Rules has its own reserve where they breed game that they use in the restaurant.  Cole had rabbit, Dan had partridge, Rachel salmon, and I had duck.  All excellent.  First courses were oysters, vegetable soup, caesar salad and salmon, caviar, etc.  All great.  Of course we had desserts.  I had bread pudding with prunes and custard.  Awesome!   Below is my duck and Dan's partridge.

Rehearsals are going well.  One more week before we move into Wimbledon!!!

Amalia found her twin!!!!  Until next week....