23 October 2017


For the past two weeks we have been at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre teching and performing our play, Fuddy Meers.  Here are some photos of the preparation and actual performance that was Wednesday, October 18 to Saturday, October 21st.

The load in on Monday, October  9th where we worked on set, lighting, and costumes.

Parker the Production Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, and one of the actors.

Becca getting ready to paint the flats with Leah

Michael, working on his sound design and cues.

Margo taking a break from setting up props.

Actors prepping and getting into make-up and costumes the nights of the show.

Ed Sheeran stopped by to say hi!!!!


Clair's Bedroom

Limping Man's car.

Gertie's Kitchen.

Hinky Binky!!!

Richard's car.

Gertie's Basement.

Gertie's Kitchen.

Gertie's Basement.

Richard's Car.

Curtain Call.  I gave each actor a puppet of their character which we brought out during curtain call.  Techies also got puppets!

Prior to Closing night's performance, I met up with Jonathan and Alise Kennedy and Jonathan's mother, Carol, in Wetherspoon's Pub across the street.  Carol came from Liverpool just to see the play!

On Sunday night we celebrated at The Archduke Restaurant in Waterloo area.  Becca's and Anna's mom and dad came as did Stefan's dad.  Jonathan and Alise also joined us as a thank you for all their help.  Walker Robeson, a SMU alum who is getting an MFA in Acting from East 15 drama school in Essex, was able to attend the dinner too. 

A group photo of the junior class!