29 November 2015





We arrived in Dublin on Saturday, November 21st and checked into the Abbey Court Hostel.  That night we went to see a play, Beowulf: The Blockbuster which was a fantastic one-man show at the Project Theatre.  Sunday was a free day to explore Dublin. Some students went to the Guinness Brewery for a tour.  On Monday we began classes at the Gaiety School of Acting. Below is a picture of the group with Patrick Sutton, the Director of the Gaiety School. After a meet and greet, Patrick taught the first acting class.  That afternoon, Marie Fitzpatrick took the students on a walking tour of Dublin.  That night we saw a play, The Boys, directed by Patrick at The Boys School which is part of Smock Alley Theatre.  On Tuesday students had a seminar with Gerry Dukes on Samuel Beckett and an acting class with Martin Maguire.  Here are photos taken by Tom from the Gaiety of Patrick's first class.

As mentioned above some of the students went to the Guinness Brewery on Sunday and learned how to pour a Guinness!

At the 360 degree bar at the top of the Guinness Brewery where you are able to get a fantastic view of Dublin.

On Wednesday students went to St. Michan's Church where they were able to go into the crypt and touch a dead body!  A knight from the middle ages.  You can rub his finger for good luck!!!

On Wednesday evening we went to Smock Alley Theatre to see Patrick's production of Iscariot.  I think it was my 8th or 9th time seeing it.  Here is Charlie below in the production.  It was also a one man show.


Students had a full day of classes on Thursday.  Morning session with Martin working on Synge and O'Casey.  Afternoon going to the Yeats Exhibition, and voice class with Russell Smith which the students thoroughly enjoyed!  After class the students, Patrick, and Martin came back to the hostel for Thanksgiving Dinner which I spent all day preparing.  A good time was had by all!  We started the meal with cheese, crackers, nuts, etc and mulled wine!

Turkey breast with home made stuffing with pork apple sausage, raisins, bread, sage, onion and other fresh spices.

Also had a cranberry/orange stuffing!

Of course, mashed potatoes

Carrots roasted in honey, salt, pepper, and a little brown sugar

Sweet potatoes baked in Irish whiskey, brown sugar, salt, pepper, butter, marsh mellows, and pecans (last two ingredients upon request of Bailey).

The ever popular green bean casserole with cream of mushroom soup and onion rings (from a bag like potato chips!)

Sweet corn and butter

Home made pumpkin pie that Colleen and I made on Wednesday evening.  Served with fresh whipped cream.

For those not wanting pumpkin I BOUGHT an apple pie!!!!

We also had lots of bread and cranberry sauce!!!



I think Patrick enjoyed his meal!!!!

Patrick, Martin, and myself at the end of the meal!!!


 After acting class with Martin on Friday, I took the students to Galway for the weekend.  We took a GoBus which took two and a half hours to get there.  We are staying at Barnacles hostel.  We arrived around 4:45 and will leave tomorrow (Sunday) at 5:45 pm to go back to Dublin for week two.

Andrew, Jack, Joe, Cindy, and I went to eat Fish and Chips at the famous McDonagh's.

Andrew, Joe, and myself had cod and chips, Jack had Salmon, and Cindy had deep fried haggis seeing that she did not go to Scotland with us and did not get a chance to try haggis. She really liked it!

For those of you who may come to Galway and want to buy an authentic Irish knit sweater knitted by the ladies on the Aran Islands here is the place to buy them-- O'Maille's.  This is where I purchase all of my Irish knit sweaters; however, I did not buy one this year.  I have enough to open up my own store!

Lots of sites in Galway.  Here are some Irish people just Irish dancing in the middle of the street!

They start busking at a young age here!

The river was pretty rough today.  Two guys in kayaks were stuck under the bridge for awhile but got out!

There were two Christmas markets with rides in Galway.  One in the park like other years and another near the hostel.  Seemed like there were more booths in past years.  Maybe they are not completely set up.

Jake enjoying a hot beverage at the Christmas Market.

Speaking of hot beverages...Bailey and Jake ordered this at Trinity College after their walking tour in Dublin.  Had to throw that in here!!!!

Some of the students went on a day trip to The Cliffs of Moher and other sites!


Tonight Andrew, Joe, and I went to my favorite Irish pub in Galway where they had live entertainment, a cozy fireplace, and a lot of people which was unusual.  I like this place because it is usually low key.  I guess others have discovered it because we ran into Jack and Cindy who were on a pub crawl and this was one of the stops!!!

I had a great Irish coffee to warm me up!!!!

Christmas lights on the streets of Galway!

We have another day to explore Galway before heading back to Dublin!