18 November 2012


On Thursday, November 1st we took the train to Edinburgh from London's King's Cross station.  Terri Harrison joined us on the trip.  We arrived in Edinburgh around 6 pm and checked into Brodie's Hostel.  Then we all went to dinner and some tried haggis for the first time.  At 10 pm we did a haunted walking tour of Edinburgh where we learned a lot about the history of Edinburgh and then we went into the haunted tunnels. Elyssa, Tasha, Tony, Matt, and I stayed in Edinburgh for the long weekend.  Terri and the other students went on a 3-day Mac Backpackers tour up to the Isle of Skye.  We returned to London on Monday evening!  A good time was had by all.

               Brodies Hostel

                         Dinner at the Albanach
                         The Haggis!!!

                        Alex's Big Burger!

                  Me receiving my Lordship Title (Laird of Glencoe) and Land from the students!

The haunted tunnel tour.   Waiting for tour to begin.

                       Orbs and auras appearing everywhere!

                  Witches still use this part of the tunnel for their covent ceremonies.

 If you walk through this circle bad things will happen to you.  Witches abandoned this site because there were a lot of bad and evil things in it!  Last year Andrew and Phil walked through it, and we know what happened to them!  Everyone was good this year.

Those that stayed in Edinburgh hiked up Arthur's Seat, visited all the cemeteries in town, went to museums and the Castle and had a great time enjoying the city.

A fancy haggis Terri had for lunch when she returned from hiking tour!

Both Matt and Andrew bought kilts to add to their adventures.  Both were a little cold!

The Highland!  Isle of Skye...

                      Graham the tour guide!

         Andrew and John get ready to go swimming in the very cold Loch Ness!

                              This reminds me of Lake Winona.

At Waverley Station ready to head back to London.  Student's wearing RawR sunglasses that Cecil sent to all the students.  Dino on one side and Rawr on the other!  Fun....

 We all made it back safely and got back on schedule for classes, final papers, and exams.  Next week is our last week in London.  Then off to Dublin and other locations!!!
                                                                 THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!