30 October 2013


After six weeks of hard work rehearsing in the classroom and at RADA studios, we finally moved into Tara Arts on Monday, October 14th.  We spent the week teching the show and getting used to the space.  We opened the show on October 22.  Throughout the week in addition to a British audience, we had visitors from the States come to the show.  Sydney and Rachel's parents and brothers came as did Chris' parents.  Shelby's mom and Molly's sister came from Rhode Island. Billy's grandparents and mother attended.  Michael Charron, Dean of the School of the Arts and his daughter Kelsey came on Friday evening and Suzanne Deranek from Admissions attended both Friday and Saturday.  We were honored to have Phil's grandmother, Lady Ruth Rendell (the famous author) attend on closing night!  On Monday after the show she took Phil and I to the House of Lords where we sat in on a session.  Ruth sits in the House of LordS and a member of the Labour Party.  She then took us to dinner at the House of Lords dining room and gave us a tour of Westminster Hall and The Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the crypt.  Probably one of the most magnificent chapels I have ever seen!   For those who could not attend the performance, I hope you get a sense of the play from the photos below.  Enjoy!


Act One:

Act Two:

                                                                           The End

 They are still mourning Max and Margaret's deaths even after the show is over!

                                                              THAT'S ALL FOLKS!