11 October 2018


Well, it has been two weeks since my last post.  Have been very busy with rehearsals for A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro which opens next Wednesday at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre.  Show begins at 7:45 pm.   The photo above is in front of the poster that is displayed in front of the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre.  We started tech-week this past Monday.  It is going very well!  More photos next blog.

On Monday, last week, we went to the National Theatre on the Southbank of London.  In the late afternoon after our Theatre in London and London: Page to Stage classes we took a tour of the National  and that evening went to see The Lehman Trilogy which was incredible.  Three actors played all the roles.

The skate park next to the National.

The book stalls across from the National/

Sir Laurence Olivier was the first Artistic Director of the National Theatre.  This is the statue of him outside the theatre.

The backstage tour began in the lobby next to the box office.  We had to wear these designer vests!  Classy!

Set for The Lehman Trilogy in the Littleton Theatre.

The Olivier Theatre was doing Antony and Cleopatra starring Ralph Fiennes.  

The seats in the Olivier Theatre are purple.  Why?  Olivier's favorite color was purple and matched the heather surrounding the Greek theatre at Epidarus.

The Scene Shop

The Prop shop.

The scenic paint shop.  Back wall is to paint drops.

A left over horse from War Horse.  This was suppose to be Alice, Joey's mother, but it was never used in the show.

Ralph Fiennes' dressing room.  Mariah went to see the show when it was in previews.

My walk home from the National.  Charing Cross and Embankment Station across the Thames River.

Looking back at the National Theatre from the middle of the bridge.

Two weeks ago the Global Issues class went to Greenwich to visit the Royal Navy College to view the ceiling, as it was being cleaned and restored.  Last week the Art in London Class went to the Maritime Museum.  After class students got to explore Greenwich.

More pictures of the ceiling being worked on.

Greenwich beach????

A new definition of a long distance relationship.  Two different timelines!!!  So sad!

The Theatre in London class went to the Hamstead Theatre to see the play, The Humans.  We will be discussing it next week in class.

We moved into the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre this past Monday.  Chris Kendall, the retired Vice-President of Student Affairs at Saint Mary's, arrived last week.  He wrote and composed two songs for the play and is the music director and the musician-singer for our production.  This is the fourth production Chris has composed music for me.  So glad we are working together again!

Chris Kendall. 

We had last Saturday off so Chris and I attended a production of The Book of Mormon.  I still laugh out loud every time I see this show. Excellent London cast!!!

 Jason Underferth arrived from Saint Mary's yesterday to design lights for our production.  After picking him up from the airport we went to the theatre to hang and focus lights.  On Monday we built, painted, and dressed the set so we were ready for Jason to do lighting.  We spent today doing all the light cues.  Over 120 of them.  Looking good.  Will post pictures next week.

We also celebrated Dan's 21's Birthday at a Michelin star restaurant.

I had Beef with Yorkshire pudding, broccoli, and potatoes.  

Other's had Sea Bream. 

Again, sorry for missing a week.  After tomorrow's run-through we will post pictures of our show next week.  If you are in London, please stop by and see us.  The show will be fantastic!  


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